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Nick Rozsa in Club Jenny

by Chris Durlacher | Feb 24, 2014

We caught up with Nick to find out how the Club Jenny video came about:

California had been flat for nearly 2 months and when the opportunity to surf around Europe popped up, it was a great chance to score waves.

After two missed flights we finally arrived in Europe and a found ourselves at the beaches of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Although we didn't score perfect waves everyday we had an amazing experience.

Traveling to Italy to soak up the culture and history was nothing short of a childhood dream. I have always wanted to travel to Italy since I was a kid so for me this trip was just about enjoying the experience. I had a great time and definitely want to go back to get all the waves we potentially could have scored. Enjoy the vid -Nick Rozsa

Nick Rozsa Gorilla Tail Pad

Nick Rozsa on his new Signature Tail Pad (coming soon in 2014)

After using so many different pads and leashes through the years of my surfing career I finally found what I was looking for, Gorilla Grip. Gorilla has provided the best traction for my back foot for the last two years and it's safe to say there product goes above and beyond the competition. 

The best feature about my signature pad with gorilla is that it comes in two pieces. Many times I find myself being OCD about pad alignment and placement on my board. With a two piece tail pad you can adjust the width of the two different pieces, so if your new board has a really wide tail you can spread them apart to hug the rails.

For me simple, efficient, design and placement is what I look for in tail grip and gorilla provides the best of each aspect. 



    Julian Wilson

    Julian Wilson

    Name: Julian Wilson
    Date of Birth: November 8, 1988
    Born: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Lives: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Sponsors: Nike footwear and clothing, Red Bull energy drinks, Oakley eyewear, Sol Republic headphones and FCS fins